Happy Birthday Son


My little baby boy,

Looking back over a decade ago,

How tiny were you little stubby fingers,

Big bright red cheeks,

The cutest smile, alongside bilateral dimples.

You were always one of a kind.

Little tantrums to stay awake at nights with mummy or nana,

They were as bad as they ever got (we still have them).

Sitting in the kitchen with all the tools, you were ready to cook most times.

Your first full time days at childcare around the age of 6 months,

How my heart ripped leaving you there at the start (that was the best time of your life),

I was blessed that they looked after you my love.

Early onset to an early achiever you were,

I was so proud of you.

I walked you to kinder the first day hand in hand

And that’s where you learnt a new world,

You adjusted well.

I always said never fear the new (even though I probably silently did).

Your first favourite words, Kiki, kaka (dummy & water)

Kike’ was bike and chuck’ was bread. Oh dear and pruck’ was truck

I still remember all your milestones,

I must say I’m so proud because your milestones were mine as well.

In all these years I have realised I’m never alone

Full of happiness my life is when I think of you.

You wiped my tears and I wiped yours.

Your little hands trying to tuck me into bed after a long night shift.

Thank you beta (son), thank you for everything.

When you smile, it brightens my spirits & I learn to love all over again.

Happy birthday to you and birthing day to me.

11 years on your still my baby.

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